When Formula Garage’s founder Sri first laid eyes on a McLaren F1 as a teen, it was love at first sight. Even as young kid, he was obsessed with all things performance. His first car was a BMW E60 M5, a high-performance four-door saloon, which he took to the track often. Handling that type of power propelled his interest even further, so naturally he followed that with Porsches, McLarens, Ferraris (which he blames his friend Reggie for), and beyond.


While he still enjoys the tracks, Sri now spends more time frequenting manufacturers, factories, and automotive museums to gain knowledge as a collector and developer. With significant experience in the automotive industry, he wanted to find a creative way to share his love of the car culture. Sri made it his lifelong mission to cultivate an experience that combines both his passion for supercars and education, which ultimately lead to the creation of Formula Garage.


Unimpressed and uninspired by typical car storage facilities, Sri decided to build something different—a place where everyone could learn about supercars, racing fundamentals, and automotive art. However, finding the perfect, centrally accessible location in Houston was more challenging than he anticipated. After a extensive search, Sri finally found a venue and established Formula Garage. The property underwent extensive renovations in 2017 and 2018 and opened to the public is 2019, with plans for Phase II already underway. When the full vision of Formula Garage is finally complete, it will truly be unprecedented feat: an Automotive Haven.



The goal of founding Formula Garage was to create an immersive automotive experience and bring the car culture to everyone, both private and public. Whether you are a gearhead or just an art lover, Formula Garage makes automotive education accessible so that anyone can learn about these powerful machines, while also enjoying them as art in a social atmosphere. Simply put, Sri wanted to combine the best luxury experience all rolled into one, convenient package for everyone to enjoy.



Our plans for expanding Formula Garage includes luxury car storage that also functions as an art gallery. That means you can make a quick trip to our location, pull your car out of storage, and take it for a spin any time. Or, you can leave it safely displayed for others to admire.



Contact us today, only 50 spots available for the most unique and rarest cars in Houston. We have packages that include access to various amenities offered at Formula Garage, including the venue space or Formula Arcade at a discounted rate.



In conjunction with the experience and expertise offered by Reggie Draper of Draper Automotive, Formula Garage offers product design consultation for your next custom spec’d car. From lavish interiors to bold exteriors, historic design to modern-day appeal, Draper Automotive and Formula Garage will together bring the world of vehicle customization right to your garage. The sky is the limit. Contact us to make an appointment and see the unfathomable come to life right before your eyes.



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Porsche GT3

Porsche 912E

Porsche Boxster GTS

Ferrari 488 GTB

Ferrari 812 Superfast

McLaren 600LT Coupe

McLaren 600LT Spyder


Formula Garage was inspired by the spirit and namesake of Formula One.

The Beaulieu National Motor Museum inspired the educations and artistic aspects of Formula Garage.

The floors of Formula Garage were inspired by the layout of the Heritage Center and Museum at Porsche’s North American HQ in Atlanta.

The Museum and Formula Arcade at Formula Garage make for phenomenal photo ops. Houston rapper Lil Flip and YouTube influencer Jon Vlogs were among our first guests.

Formula Garage houses naturally aspirated 12-, 10-, 8-, 6- and

4-cylinder cars. Guess which ones?

Formula Garage sits on one of the city’s highest points, making it virtually flood proof!